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Court House

Welcome to the Kansas Judicial Branch e-filing website.

File new cases and subsequent documents

Follow the Supreme Court’s actions for safe court operations at Kansas Courts Response to COVID-19.

You may efile in all case types in all courts. You will receive a date and time file stamp for submissions to district courts. Courts will give priority to filings that fall within essential functions until full operations are restored.

For local information, contact district courts.

* * * Appellate Mediation Available * * *

Appellate mediation is available in many types of civil and family law cases and in some instances at no cost to the parties. If either party is interested in participating in appellate mediation, or has questions about the mediation program, please contact Kevin Beckwith, chief counsel to the chief judge of the Court of Appeals, at 785-291-3571 or via email at beckwithk@kscourts.org. Mediation should be explored before the parties file briefs with the court.

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